Laugh often, dream big, and reach for the stars!

Terrific!  You found me!  Thank you for dropping by!  My name is Ms. McDavid and I will be your TAG teacher on Tuesdays this year. 


I bet some of you have the same opinion about coming back to school as this giraffe.  Two and a half months of staying up late and sleeping in, swimming and riding your bike, going on vacation or to camp, being glued to the TV and game console, and having lots of free time have come to an end.  But that doesn’t mean the fun is over.  I hope you will find our class this year to be exciting, interesting, challenging and, yes, even fun!

I love to learn about new things to use in my classroom, especially when those new things involve technology!  So I am excited about the possibilities and opportunities this weblog will bring!  This will be like an electronic notebook – one you will never lose or claim the dog ate!  You will be able to interact with me, your friends and classmates, parents, and hopefully connect with other 5th grade students from around the country or even the world.  Here you will find information that pertains to our classroom whenever you need it!  You can check for upcoming assignments or materials you might need; ask a question or make a comment about a class lesson; find links to web sites that connect to our units; write about something you found to be interesting; or even share a project to help make our blog informative and useful.